Where can I see all club events and event details?

The complete event list and details are available to club members when they log in to our website. General information for the upcoming events are shared on our Instagram account and in our Facebook group. Our account name on social media is @womensoutdoorsclub .

How do you communicate event cancellations?

Rain and a bad weather happens. If an event has to be cancelled due to inclement weather or another reason, we will send an email with event update to all club members who have signed up for the event. Please check your email before coming to the event.

How does your Member Referral Program work?

When you, as a current member, invite your friends and they join the club, make sure they list your name on application form at the time of joining. For every new member who gets one year membership you will receive additional 1 month free membership, two year membership will add 2 free months to your membership. When they renew their membership, you will receive free month(s) again.

Are there any Women's Outdoors Club groups in other US states?

We are based in Alabama and will welcome the opportunity to start a group in your area and your state. Please contact us by email info@womensoutdoorsclub.com 

Can I change my membership plan?

To switch to the other membership plan, please contact us and will will make the update for you. Plan options are: annual or two year membership.

Can I lead an event?

Any active member can submit request to lead a club event. Request will be reviewed, and once approved, event will be added to calendar. Event leader will need to sign and follow our Code of Conduct

Do event leaders get paid?

Many of our events are free. Events that are more involved or have associated cost will have a fee. Event leaders will receive payment for event that has a fee.

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