The membership-based Women’s Outdoors Club community supports women in their efforts to experience the outdoors. Club offers a fun, adventurous and supportive social structure and culture for women of all walks of life to come together, enjoy each other’s company and enjoy the great outdoors. Our home base is in Birmingham, Alabama but events take us anywhere we want to go. Women's Outdoors Club, Inc. is women-owned small business established in November of 2021. 

If you are in another Alabama city or in a different State and want to become a part of the Women's Outdoors Club to organize events in your area, we would love to hear from you! Please contact us by email.

Board of Directors

Iveta Champion 

An avid hiker and recent mountain biker, Iveta loves to be outdoors and discover new amazing places. The Women’s Outdoors Club was born with the idea to bring together local women for different outdoor activities. Iveta previously served on Board of a local mountain bike club and saw the enthusiasm that women expressed to participate in women-only events.

“To be outdoors is my vacation, a welcome escape from the daily responsibilities. I recharge and renew, I learn and challenge myself, and I would like for all women to have access to experience it in a fun environment”.

Florence Bradley
Flo Bradley is a recovering road cyclist and triathlete who discovered the joys of mountain biking and backpacking 12 years ago. During the hot summer months in Alabama, she swapped a bicycle for a kayak and another obsession was born! As an experienced backpacker she has hiked the Pinhoti Trail, Art Loeb Trail, Foothills Trail, and sections of the Appalachian Trail. She also served as troop leader for the scouts for 11 years, teaching outdoor skills. For several years she was state champion in her age division in cycling in the state of South Carolina. In 2004, she set the women's record for fastest female to cross Alabama on a bike. Her regular job as a fire captain for a large metro fire department keeps her busy responding to fires and medical calls. Her husband and kids are very happy she is part of this group since she will not bother them as much to go bike, hike, or paddle.

Jennifer Hebson

Jennifer started out walking in the woods with her dog a few years ago and it has grown from there. She found calmness and comfort in being outside, challenging herself and just moving. Now she is exploring outdoors all the time and wants to share the experiences with others. She is passionate about trying and learning new things, meeting people that share this common ground and assisting others in experiencing what makes them smile inside.

Jennifer's 2 children have grown into great men that she is very proud of. They have provided her with the joy of 2 grandchildren and many fur babies. She lives with her husband of over 30 years who is very active athlete himself.

"In life I want to live each day with presence and joy. My hope is to share that with anyone around me."


Min enjoys being outdoors and discovering new adventures. She loves to hike, camp, backpack and horseback ride. She loves to try new outdoor things like kayaking. During her hiking ventures, she found peace, joy, and a passion of being outside. After a brief break due to knee pains and a knee replacement, she was determined to stay active and demonstrate to others that you can push through discomforts of recovery and still have a sense of adventure.

She joined the club in July 2023 and hasn’t looked back. The club has been a God send and a precious gift during a time when friendship and new adventures were very much needed. The camaraderie and support from club members has been priceless. She has made so many connections and now considers them friends. On the trail she is often heard saying to herself “I can DO this” when the hiking gets hard. Nothing is impossible and life is full of challenges and it’s how you choose to handle these hardships that makes the difference. She encourages everyone to get out and experience life through the trails and to challenge oneself to step outside of their comfort zone and achieve the impossible. YOLO!!!! She looks forward to exploring new trails and meeting new people. Come on out and explore with us!!!

Previous Board Members

Susan Wills
Susan enjoys all things outdoors. Her love of outdoor sports began when she became a member of a local running club. The camaraderie and support from other members of the club encouraged her to strive to achieve personal goals. She then branched out to trail running and became a member of a local trail running team. Being on the trails was such a therapeutic boost to combat difficulties in life. After the loss of her brother, she vowed to do the best she could to honor his memory. This led to winning a medal or trophy for every race in which she competed. The greatest challenge she has ever faced was participating in an obstacle course race that consisted of 6 miles of steep trails through tough terrain including 20 plus obstacles crossing a creek three times. She placed 2nd in this extremely tough obstacle course run. Shortly after this, she began mountain biking and enjoys biking all kinds of trails in Alabama. Her son is also an avid cyclocross competitor. She also took up kayaking with her children during the pandemic. Most of all, the excitement of joining with and encouraging women and friends to enjoy all things outdoors is something she is most thrilled about. We are looking forward to all the fun times ahead to get outdoors and explore!


Vee Richetti

Vee is an avid mountain biker, tennis player and hiker, and has recently discovered a love for road cycling. She enjoys traveling adventures and has experienced fun trips to climb the Manitou Incline in Colorado Springs, Angel’s Landing in Zion, La Plata Peak, the fifth-highest summit of the Rocky Mountains, as well as Mount Yale in the Rockies. Vee also enjoys trail running and training for and competing in challenging adventure races.

“My motto for many years has been YOLO (you only live once), take the trip, climb the mountain, work hard, play hard. I am passionate about encouraging and helping others to challenge themselves and achieve new goals while enjoying the wonderful benefits of being in nature. Doing fun outdoor activities with others is a treat for the heart and soul!”

Women's Outdoors Club, Inc.
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