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What Tent to Get: Best Values in Tents for Backpacking

2 Feb 2023 5:44 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Sooner or later any backpacker is looking to get a tent and is faced with a decision: what tent should I get? What is the best value for my needs? When weight of the tent matters, the lighter the tent the more expensive it is. Our club member, Florence Bradley, reviews the best values for backpacking tents. 

Let's go straight to her list:

6 Moon Designs Lunar Solo 1person. This tent is good value for the weight. It comes to 26 oz. for $250. You will need to seam seal and stakes not included.

6 Moon Designs Lunar Duo 2 person. At only $200 for a 3.4 pound tent it's a great deal. Be sure to seam seal and buy stakes for this one.

Best Weight for 2-person tent:

Big Agnes Cooper Spur Platinum 2P. It comes at 2 pounds and it's the most expensive at $539. I had the one-person version that was about 1 pound. Not much space but super light.

Good value for heavier tent/car camping:

Marmot Cane Creek 2P costs $227 and weighs 4 pounds. I had a 3-person Marmot tent and really liked it for girl scouting and car camping.

Well-made but heavy for backpacking: Nemo Dagger 2P, weighs 4 pounds and costs $479.

Some of these tents come in 1P and 3P versions. Many solo backpackers go with a 2-person tent for more room.

If you want to go ultra light weight, such as less than 1pound per person on a tent. I recommend checking out tents made by Tarptent, Gossemer Gear, and Zpacks. These tents are made by smaller cottage industry companies.

Have fun, and I will see you on the next adventure!

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